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Listed below is a collection of promotional material and publications published by CoLab.

CoLab Brochure

CoLab – What does that mean?  Collaborative, company laboratory… potentially many things really. We see it as a community, a network of young, technology-driven enterprises enjoying the facilities, supports and services they need to grow and succeed. We see it as a dynamic point of convergence where quality-of-life meets cutting-edge technology, where Ireland’s Northwest meets the global marketplace. We see it as the place for you to turn your ideas into your future, knowledge into enterprise.

Download “Colab Brochure” (PDF)

Your One-Stop Business Support Centre

Starting and running your own business can be daunting enough without having to become an expert in programme ‘this’ and support service ‘that’. CoLab is there to take the confusion factor out and help you tailor a programme of support services to best suit your needs. You concentrate on the business, we’ll help with the rest. .

Download “One-Stop Business Support Centre” (PDF)

48 Hours Donegal

At CoLab, we understand that what we have to offer is only one piece of  the puzzle for someone thinking about re-locating to Ireland’s Northwest. Why don’t you mix a little pleasure with the business of considering all those other quality-of-life factors? To know Donegal is to love Donegal, a the best way to get to know us is to pay us a short visit. Here’s the CoLab 48-Hours-Donegal Itinerary.

Download “48 Hours Donegal” (PDF)

You focus on the business, we look after the rest

When you’re building a company, you’ve got more important things on your plate than kitting out conference rooms, worrying about fibre-optics and data transfer speeds, or re-stocking the canteen with tea. At CoLab, you can get straight down to business, we’ve got the rest covered.

Download “You focus on the business, we look after the rest” (PDF)