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Home for Your Innovative and Technology Driven Idea.

Thinking of returning home to the North West of Ireland? Got an idea for a technology or innovative business? CoLab at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology campus can provide you with all the support you need to turn your idea into a successful enterprise.

What We Offer

CoLab innovation centre aims to accelerate business growth through the exchange of knowledge, access to expertise, funding signposting, entrepreneur programmes and state-of-the-art facilities.

CoLab works in partnership with many other state agencies to deliver initiatives that help you to expand and develop your business. For example as a start-up you can take advantage of our business start-up programme or if you’re already up and running, conduct research using the institute expertise.

There are a choice of well lit offices and units for various industries, suitable for research and business. The centre has a large conference room with panoramic views and smaller meeting rooms, all fully equipped with plasma screens and the latest presentation equipment. In answering the needs of many entrepreneurs since 2000 we have built up a strong panel of advisors in areas like, patenting, marketing, human resources, business strategy and more. And since we’re on the LYIT campus, our businesses are well placed to access well qualified graduates.

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All in all, we value the talent and experience that entrepreneurs bring and are committed to being a valuable resource to supply whatever they need; space, information, potential funding and sometimes encouragement or a listening ear.

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