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Co-Working Space

You may not have heard, but the world of work is changing and, in Donegal, the CoLab, at Letterkenny’s Institute of Technology, is leading the way with its first class co-working space.

Co-Working Space
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Co-working allows companies and individuals to enjoy the perks of being in an office whilst paying considerably less for them. These aren’t the only perks though as co-working spaces also create networking and commercial collaboration opportunities, inspire creativity and improve work-life balance.

What you’ll get at the co-working space

The co-working space at the CoLab is a modern complex with an open floor plan design. Facilities include;

  • high-speed broadband connection,
  • coffee room and meeting rooms,
  • Car park and a gym – all in a city centre location,
  • 24-hour access (Coming Soon)




Currently, the CoLab is offering two months’ free for anyone who wants to try out the shared workspace and get a feel for this great working environment. Whether you need a space short term or long term, CoLab can offer great flexibility with their co-working space tariffs.


For further information, get in touch with Patsy Donaghy on 074 9186703, or email him at





Chris Quinn, of Chris Quinn Design, an independent graphic designer who specialises in brand marketing within the hotel and tourism industry commented, “as I work online, I often send large files to my clients and the high-speed internet facility at the CoLab is essential to my business.”

As one of the full-timers at the co-working space for the past year, Chris ruled out hot-desking as he wanted a space where he could leave his equipment and start work straight away, every day.

Chris also enjoys coming in to an office daily as it gives him the structure that he needs to run his business successfully and says, “a major benefit of being here is that as the CoLab and co-working space has grown, so has my business as you naturally network with other businesses in the corridors”.

Nuala Carr didn’t want to spend all her time travelling to and from her job with Jennings O’Donovan & Partners, an international company headquartered in Sligo. Nuala now commutes two days a week to the company’s Sligo office, and four days a week in the co-working space, which is only five minutes from her home.

As an environmental scientist, Nuala carries out environmental impact assessments and project manages the planning phase of renewable energy projects and says, “although we work in teams and I work remotely, we keep in touch by emails and we will soon be using Skype as well.”

One of the key attractions of the co-working space for Nuala is “the fantastic internet connection – as I get a lot done when I’m here as I have very little interruption and I can concentrate much better on doing my work”. Nuala has been at the co-working space for just over a year and was the first employee in her company to work remotely. Clearly,

Nuala’s employers have recognised the benefit of this way of working and now two more employees have been given the green light to work remotely and are working at co-working spaces in other counties in Ireland.

Working for a large Dublin-based, American multinational, Damien Blake spends most of working week in Dublin and, since moving back to Donegal with his young family, he needed to find a work-life balance. He’d heard about the co-working space and spoke to his employer about using the facility for part of the week, which they agreed to.

Damien says that the “co-working space is vital as I live in a rural location where the broadband is poor.” Typically, his one day a week at the space is different to the rest of the week as he can put his headphones on and get more things done.

That said, Damien also commented, “one of the great things about the co-working space is that there’s a strong network here and a good vibe where people come here to do work which is infectious – but there’s also a nice balance and everyone is very collegial.”

Janet Harkin, a marketing professional, works at the co-working space four days a week for Policy in Practice, a UK social software consultancy business which helps people understand the UK welfare policies.

As well the usual online communication tools, such as email, Janet also uses Skype and Slack technologies to keep in touch with her colleagues and clients and says, “it’s fantastic that I am based in Donegal, but work for a company in Westminster”.

Originally, Janet worked from home, but her broadband wasn’t fast enough. She then found out through someone she knew at the CoLab that the co-working space was opening and said, “it’s absolutely brilliant to have these facilities so close to home, but still feel like you’re going to work in an office.”